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Horde shaman Gul’dan, who was defeated before, found a Tomb of Sargeras – leader of the Burning Legion, and opened a way to Azeroth through it for countless hordes of demons. Also, shaman found prisoned Illidan Stormrage, players already fought with him at the time of first Burning Legion invasion. Now, when hordes of demon can enter to our world, heroes of horde and alliance will take part in mortal battle. Satyr-magician Xavius, who inflicts corruption Emerald nightmare to all living and irritates minds of heroes of Azeroth, is helping Legion of demons. More information on the site — Daredevils will complete 10 dungeons of different difficulties for 5 people, and 2 raids with 7 and 10 bosses in normal, heroic and mythic modes.