cotton candy

Картинки по запросу cotton candyThe summer, perhaps, loved by all is time. It is a season of issues, rest, suntan, fun, and it is a lot more what. But even the summer is excellent time to begin the business, or it is at least simple to earn a little. One of such methods of seasonal earnings – production of cotton candy – a delicacy, which, undoubtedly, to taste and children and adults.
How you think what in France can be called «a grandfather’s beard», in England «magic silk thread», in the United States «cotton sweet», and in Germany «sweet wool»? Most likely, many guessed directly that it is about a product which in our country received more prosy name, than abroad –
cotton candy. However, the name doesn’t influence popularity of this delicacy in Russia in any way, or somewhere else – multi-colored sweet, almost weightless sphere on a stick is equally loved both by adults and, of course, children. For this reason production of cotton candy is considered one of the most profitable seasonal types of business of category which require the minimum investment for opening of the case (how to find the business idea for the case, read in a selection of books on the business ideas). It is especially attractive to those segments of the population which have no solid start capital to invest in some larger project, and for those who don’t want or for some reason can’t take the credit for opening of own business. We offer the best equipment — horeca equipment
. The production process of cotton candy is surprisingly simple. In the aggregate for production of cotton candy ordinary granulated sugar which in case of turning on of the device at first is carried to the melted condition is filled up, then mix is untwisted by the centrifuge, forming the thin fibers which are reeling up on a stick of liquid sugar syrup. That’s all. It is necessary only to add that together with amount of cotton wool on a stick also your income grows. By the way, sale of cotton candy something is similar to production of soft ice cream. Detailed information can be obtained on our website — The capital equipment to start business is a device for production of cotton candy. Here the assortment is so wide that, without paltering it is possible to tell – will approach on any purse. The cost of devices varies from one and a half to sixty thousand rubles. Of course, product quality directly depends on the equipment price also. But, besides – to begin the main thing. And even by means of cheap model it is possible to earn quite enough in one week to allow to purchase to itself more modern and functional device.